Rahul Gandhi’s BHEL mobile meme

So today our rocket scientist @RahulGandhi asked , why cant BHEL make mobile phones.

To be honest, I am delighted he heard about an electronics company called BEL, and confused it with BHEL.

* Such expectations*

‘Aloo se Sona, Bhel se mobile.! Congress slogan for 2019!

The owner of BHEL was selling Bhel puri. Later, when puri was sold through a mobile van, BHEL mobile came into the market.

Rahul Gandhi thinks BHEL makes mobiles…

Rahul Gandhiji Nation wants to know when BHEL started making Mobile Phones.. For your knowledge even BSNL doesnt make Mobile phones…

Planning to go to BHEL showroom today.

Heard that they have launched a new smartphone with 128 GB RAM, 1 TB Internal memory, 10000 mAh Battery, 7″ screen for ₹ 1000

Bhel Mobile

Bhel Ka Naya Mobile 😂😂

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