8 Funniest things / Fact about Gujarati

I am amused by the fact that most Gujarati women are obsessed with the food they cook

Still can’t get over the fact Charli XCX is half Gujarati lol

I love Gujratis because

Only two type of discussion happen in a typical Gujrati household:

How to loose weight and What to eat next 😀😀😀

At any given point of time, a Gujarati is eating dhokla in some part of this world.


In fact, if you think about it, “kem cho” (“how are you” in Gujarati) is much more powerful than Cambridge.

People who talk even after saying a bye twice are Gujarati’s 😜

Gujarati Fact: If after Navratri (Nine Day Dance Celebration) celebration you remain single then you really playing “Garba” 😆

These gujju kids studying in English medium have their own gujarati language….

Sounds adorable,though.

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