Russia Vs Egypt match funny meme

Fifa World Cup Meme

Things we have learnt from the #RUSEGY game…

1. Russia aren’t shit – it was fake news

2. Fathy is the Egyptian Phil Jones

3. Egypt are almost out – I blame Ramos 😂😂

Bye bye Egypt

Russia Vs Egypt match funny meme

Mission accomplished for Ramos

1.Take him out of the final and win ☑️

2 Make sure that I get my black belt after I injure Salah ☑️

3. Make sure that Egypt have the slimmest of chances by take Salah out ☑️

Russia and Putin

Russia 🇷🇺: 3 ⚽️ Egypt 🇪🇬: 1

Putin: Release the player’s families.

Carrying Egypt – Should be Ramos but

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