Ronaldo vs Messi meme? Who is Goat?

Who is Goat Meme

Messi fans :

When #Ronaldo scores a hat trick: “#Portugal just passes it to him.”

When #Messi fails to do anything: “#Argentina just passes it to him”

#CR7 is the GOAT. Period.


Ronaldo is a goat?

Ronaldo has turned up for his team in the World Cup

Messi has disappeared so far for his country in the World Cup

Moral of the story:

Ronaldo is the 🐐

Messi is a 👻

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Calculate value of Messi

If 0 Nigeria = 2 croatia


0 Argentina = 3 croatia….

calculate the value of Messi😂😂

Miss Penalty ? Messi

How Messi score a penalty?

How Messi score a penalty? Meme

Messi meme

Who is Goat? Ronaldo or Messi

Who is goat meme

Media on Messi be like

Messi meme

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