8 Funniest Priyanka Nick meme

One viral photo of Nick and Priyanka generated thousand of meme

nick jonas: yooo what was that mango frappuccino drink we had last night it was so good

priyanka chopra: …you mean mango lassi


priyanka: LASSI.

nick: lassy?

priyanka LASSI.

nick: lassy??

priyanka: ok we’re done.

Nick’s Hindi

Priyanka: who’s the hottest girl in the world?

Nick: My Daisy girl

Priyanka: desi..

Nick: Daysi

Priyanka: We’re done.

Its height difference

Me: Nick Jonas Priyanka se chota hai.

Feminists: Where were you when Milind Soman married Anita Konwar?🤬

Me: I was talking about height! 🤔

Desi Nick’s be like

Nick: Priyanka I’ve been practicing Hindi for you

Priyanka: omg say something!!

Nick: aap bht kutti, kamini, suaar ki aulad ho baby


How to Pronounce Priyanka – by NickDoes Nick Jonas even call Priyanka properly?

Bet he calls her Pina Colada

Kuchh kuchh hota hai by Nick

Nick: I watched a Bollywood film that day.

Priyanka: Which one?

Nick: The one where the guy friendzones the girl initially because she wasnt pretty but marries her in the end when she became beautiful.

Priyanka: What?

Nick: Yeah. Catch Catch Hotter Hoe.

Viratbhai style

Nick: my Indian friend ( Virat Kohli) taught me how to say I love you in Hindi

Priyanka: aw so cute how do you say it?

Nick: b..be…BC ?? bhenc**de???


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