7 witty tweet of so called gangster Ravi Pujari

Death threat from Ravi Pujari is like an apple iPhone.

Almost everybody has one, or wants one.


Still some others couldn’t care less.

Ravi Pujari called me from Australia said something !

I don’t know what, #Jio network at 110096. Then he messaged me on WhatsApp and it’s still loading 😜

#RelianceJio Sh*t 4g speeds saved me from threats 😂

*Received a call from Ravi*

Pujari.. He said, Ur life is in danger & BJP is involved!!

Me: OMG, How, when, shitt?

Ravi: Bullet train means Bullets will b fired from that train & it will hit u

Me: Pappu is it you?

Ravi: oh shitt!

Received a threat 👿call from

Ravi Pujari 😎 just now


चुपचाप टिन्डे खा ले 😰

I want security 👮

Ravi pujari calls

She :- I have a boyfriend

*Phone Rings*

Me: Hello, who’s this?

He: This is Ravi pujari here

Me: (Got scared) Bhaiya kya hua? 😥😥

He: Sir I am Airtel executive, kya aap apna Vodafone number Airtel mein port Karana chahenge?Me: Phone rakh Bsdk aur Sabse pehle apna Naam Badal

Waited whole day staring at phone. Not even getting a death threat from Ravi Pujari. Feeling worthless.

Rahul Gandhi

Ravi pujari: Hello mai pujari bol raha hoon…

Random guy: Humein koi puja nahi karwani hai.(call cut kar diya)

*Pujari crying in corner*

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