Rahul Gandhi Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meme

#RahulGandhi & Artificial Intelligence !

Oh God 😂 ..,made my morning 💯👌🏻. A debate between Elon Musk & Rahul Gandhi. Hope.

Just imagine ✨👀

Elon Musk – Mark Zuckerberg have limited knowledge on AI

Rahul Gandhi – 🙄 I have more knowledge than Mark.

Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity

*Rahul Gandhi speaks on AI*

Elon: I was wrong…😑

Rahul Gandhi 2 visit US 2 talk abt Artificial Intelligence (AI). 1st sentence f his speech wud be: AI are 1st n 3rd vowels in Eng Alphabets😂

Does Rahul Gandhi know AI means Artificial Intelligence not Air India !!!🤔😜

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