Gujarati during Navratri

Friend: weakness ho rahi hai


Friend: Fasting for navratras

Me: Kuchh nahi khaya?

Friend: nahi Sirf chips,pakode,aloo chaat & namkeen


Condo* sales will jump 2000% during

Navratri and it’s just a coincidence 😎

Gujju’s~ What type of tattoo should I get?

Tattoo artist~ Something you feel strong connection with

Gujju’s~ “Dandiya” bana do


Navratri is basically 9 prom nights for the Gujarati youth.

Going For Garba During Navratri Is Basically Gujarati Tinder 😛😂😛

Gujarati Funda:If you still remain single after Navratras… then you were genuinely playing Garba!Happy Navratri!

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