Bullet Train Jokes

As Amitabh Bachhan is Brand Ambassador of Gujarat he was with Narendra modi 👴to welcome 🙏🏻Japanese PM🤵 on Ahmedabad Airport.. 🛩

Modi is introducing of Big B to Mr. Shinjo and asked do you know him???

Mr. Shinjo: Yes I know him, he is Hira thakur 👳🏼of suryavansham


Bullet Train launch se Ahmedabad mei khushi ki leher…

New Future Weekend Schedule By Amdavadi’s..

Finish office at 5

Bullet Train to Mumbai 5.30

Reach Mumbai 7.30

Drink 🥃🍺🥃 till 9

Bullet Train to Ahmedabad 9.30

Reach Home 11.30🤣🤣

*Bullet Train – गुजरात के लिए वरदान* 😀😀

*केम छो – मजा मा*

Once the bullet train starts half of Gujarat will be in Mumbai during Happy Hours for drinks and get back home for dinner 😄

*आव जो*

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