8 Best Jokes on Delhi MCD election

Latest Delhi MCD Chunav Jokes

As per Cry baby @ ArvindKejriwal EVMs are tampered,
But what about opinion & #ExitPoll ?
EVM has nothing to do with opinion & exit polls !

Kejriwal’s political journey: from PM material to CM to MCD to next JNU Campus election? 

Delhi MCD: 270 Seats

ExitPoll Srvy:


PaaP:19; Oth:05,

EVM Tampering: 228

Guy : MCD mei kisey vote diya?
South Delhi Girl : McD? ewww. I prefer Johnny Rockets or Burger King.

Delhi MCD Elections are crucial. Only 2 possibilities:

1. AAP will win

2. EVM Tampering

Guy: who are you voting in this MCD election?
South delhi girl: IDK. I am bit confused between McAloo Tikki & McChicken



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