Starbucks India Jokes

Best Starbucks India Jokes

Pretty sure that Starbucks sales in India will double the day they start offering Cutting Cappucino.

For the true Indian.

Sorab Pant


Job interview at Starbucks
Interviewer: your name?
Guy: Sir, Rahul
Interviewer : How do you spell it?
Guy : Rohool
Interviewer : HIRED
wat would u like to hv?

Friend: caramel macchiato, topped with sweetened whipped cream
“And you sir?”

Me: muje bhi same de do.


Starbucks India Cup for Coffee

Starbucks India Jokes

An Indian lady came by to Starbucks this afternoon.
Customer: “Do you sell Masala tea?”

Me: “No?”
Do we look like an Indian stall???? 🙄😒

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