Best Chocolate Day Quotes,Wishes, Greetings, Messages Latest 2017

Best Chocolate Day Quotes,Wishes, Greetings, Messages Latest 2017

Chocolate day wishes
Lovely chocolate and Lovely you,
N Lovely are the things U do,
But the loveliest is d friendship of the 2,
One is Me & Other is you!
“Happy Chocolate Day”

Today Day Is The Chocolate Day
Dairymilk For Love
Kitkat For Special
Bounty For Cool
Mars For Best Friend .
Sonat 4 Cute Hug
Galaxy 4 Sweet Kiss
What Will You Give Me?

My dear valentine,

You are so sweet like a chocolate,

You are so soft and silky like a chocolate,

You are as natural and pretty as I can keep you in my heart always.

Happy chocolate day………

Each Chocolate Is Like A Portion Of Life,
Some Are Crunchy, Some Are Nutty,
Some Are Soft, But All Are Delicious.

There’s Nothing Better Than A Good Friend, Except A Good Friend With Chocolate.
Happy Chocolate Day 2016!!!

My sweet heart,

Dairy milk makes a chocolate,

Elaichi enhances its flavour,

Valentine day celebration,

Enhance closeness between two people,

And it’s you my dear, who fragrances my life.

Happy chocolate day…..

All I Really Need Is Love,
But A Little Chocolate Now And Then Doesn’t Hurt!

Lovely chocolate n Lovely u, And Lovely are the things you do, but the loveliest is the friendship of the two, one is me and other is u! Happy Chocolate Day.

 May you be dependably the most sweet and loved companion of mine!Wish you a cheerful chocolate day! You are a chocolate and in this manner you are sweetest.

 I am wishing you a very happy chocolate day my sweet heart, as chocolates are necessary for healthy body, And true and devoted love is necessary of happy life.

 Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people, it does for me. Happy Chocolate Day. 

Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,It Tastes Only In The Beginning!But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,It Tastes Till It Ends!

I remember the day you saw me,
I remember the day you smiled at me,
I remember the day you love me,
And I also remember to wish you,
A very happy chocolate day…….. 

I Searched Many Shops To Buy the Best Chocolate for you. But I Didn’t Find Any Chocolate Sweeter Than you and your Smile. 

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