Funny Situation vs. My Expression Latest Memes 2017

Funny Situation And My Reaction / Expression Memes Latest 2017

My Reaction: When you ask a girl why she broke up and she just won’t stop bitching about her ex.

Funny nana patekar reaction

Me reading cheating jokes when I’m single Vs reading them when I’m in a relationship

Funny Deepika Padukone reaction

When you are trying to say something interesting but your friend keeps interrupting

Funny Sunil shetty reaction

When you get free food samples at mall and you pretend like you are going to buy it.

Funny aamir Khan reaction

When you realise that is Monday and the weekend is one week away!

Funny Alia Bhatt Reaction

When you give your phone to someone to show one picture and they start scrolling

Nana patekar funny

When you try to back out from a plan last minute

Funny Reaction Meme

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