Latest Jokes on Demonatization, Bank Employees, Black Money

Best Jokes Of 2016-17 on Note Ban, Bank Employees Fraud and Black Money

-Best Of 2016

ZeeNews पर बैंको मे Line मे खडे सब लोग खुश हैं
AajTak पर लोगो को थोडी तकलीफ हो रही है,
और NDTV पर लाइन मे खडे लोगो की मौत हो जा रही है.

Funny Jokes On Money Deposited in Bank

Note Rakhte ho Hazaro Me

Kuch din toh Guzaaro kataro Me!

Looking at the number of bank employees being exposed…
Banks need to focus first on  KYE (Know Your Employees)…
instead of KYC (Know Your Customers)..!!

Black Money Funny Jokes Latest

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