13 Most Sarcastic Tweets Getting Viral On Internet

Best Sarcasm Tweets And Jokes Getting Viral On Internet

    1. Google turned 18 a few days ago. We should be ashamed, We’ve been asking very inappropriate questions to someone underage all these years.

    1. College is all about balancing sleep and attendance while being tired and single all the time while being surrounded by people in love.

    1. When your crush accidentally looks at you and you imagine how your next conversation is gonna be and what will be the name of your 5th child

    1. The elevator has so many ups and downs in his life only because of you.Do you think about that?No! You only think about yourself!

    1. Public meetings are awkward for me as I can insult people but I choose not to and that is something that I find difficult to live with.

    1. Everyone has his day, I guess mine is 30th february

    1. Guide to fix electronics:Step 1: Switch it offStep 2: Switch it onStep 3: If it’s still broken, call an electrician!

    1. That moment when waking up at 10 AM feels like early morning.

    1. I don’t always comment on a friend’s photo, but when I do.. I make sure it’s insulting!

    1. Problem is that everyone has a voice on the internet.Even the dumb people with fine vocabulary.That worries me.

    1. Parents raised us,taught us manners, gave us education and all we do when we become teenagers is try to become a dog on snapchat.

    1. The positive side of the air pollution is that you won’t have to use smoke filter anymore while taking selfies.

  1. Irony is when a student ,who gets admission due to reservation system writes an essay on why reservation is evil for the society.

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