13 Best Wishes And Greetings For Wedding

Best Wishes For Weddings

1)Family life isn’t easy, so be ready to protect your family happiness. It’s worth it. Congratulations on your wedding!

2)Best wishes for a wonderful wedding celebration, with love and prayers for today and the future.

3)Married life is a true blessing and one of life’s finest gifts. Congratulations and best wishes for the future!

4)True love stories never end! Happy wedding day and may there be many more chapters in the wonderful story of your love for one another.

5)There is nothing most beautiful in the world than the image of two people who love each other deeply. When two hearts become one, then ring the wedding bells. Wedding is a special day: it’s the birth of a new family.Congratulations on your wedding9day!

6)am so happy you have found someone you can trust and love enough to share your life with. Without sharing, there is no one to reminisce about the adventures and growth that occurs in a person’s life. I am confident that your love will last and remain true, honest, forgiving and compassionate through everything life throws your way. Congratulations.

7)Marriage is a promise to care and share. It is a bond that will, hopefully, hold you together forever. Congratulations !

8)Many congratulations on tying the knot! May today be the just the beginning of a happy life together. Wish you both a prosperous future ahead.

9)Starting this day and onward, may you live life fully and joyfully, relishing life’s simple pleasures and finding fulfillment in each other. Cheers!

10)You have been blessed with each other. Hold on to this togetherness, this friendship, this great love that brought you to this moment. Wishing you happiness on your wedding day.

11)This is an inspiring moment. Your wedding day is a joyful event for all of us. Congratulations!

12)May your marriage be blessed with love and after many years when you will look back on your wedding day, it will be the day you loved each other the least.

13)You are the most matched couple I ever seen, may God bless you; wish you a very happy and joyful married life.

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