PsychoKejriwal is trending after Kejriwal video says Modi may kill him

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal release video on youtube and says that Narendra Modi or BJP is trying to kill him.

And rest you can guess what would happen after Every Kejriwal Drama twitter flooded with latest Meme and jokes.

Here are the latest #PsychoKejriwal meme on how Modi is planning to kill Kejriwal.

@TrollKejri: OMG OMG. Modi hide bomb in my home and now planning to press the remote anytime.

modi and Kejriwal meme

@TrollKejri: Modi ji planning my murder


@TrollKejri: Modi doing practise to kill me


मोदी जी मैं डरता नही हूँ आपसे मोदी जी ।

So now.

Modi giving my murder orders to Indian Army


Pic 1 – Modi and Army planning attack on me
Pic 2- Army Ready to attack


@TrollKejri: Modi ji just sent me a pic on whatsapp


Now Modi is ….

@TrollKejri: Modi counting my last days


now Modi is celebrating…


@TrollKejri: Modi planning to pay me tribute after my murder 😢


Finally Kejriwal singing…

हमे और जीने की ख्वाइश न होती , अगर तुम न होते , अगर हम न होते @narendramodi

Comment below what you think ? Bhakt and Aaptard both welcome…

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