These Celeb Meme proves that Narendra Modi doesn’t need degree

These famous elite degree holder celebrity proves that you don’t need educational degree to change the nation. It doesn’t matter that Modi has degree or not; it has Narendra or Narendrakumar.

narendra modi degree meme

Let’s start with biggest bhakt and elite student.

meme on modi's ba degree

chetan bhagat trolled meme

Agree ?

Now how about men him self Arvind Kejriwal who created all this rucks.

kejriwal meme and jokes on narendra modi's degree

Here is the epic reply.

kejriwal and modi jokes on Modi's degree

Tujhe bana ne wale Anna ji ke pass bhi koi degree nahi hain.

kejriwal and anna on dharna

We all agree now that degree is useless.

rahul gandhi and narendra modi jokes and meme

Chhodo yaar yeh degree ka chakkar


Manmohan Singh a men with highest number of degree who became PM

modi vs Manmohan meme


If degree maters then Kiran Bedi should become Delhi CM

amit shah meme

We Really degree needed for this ?

arnab and modi meme






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