8 Funniest CBSE results Jokes

Relative: Beta kaise ho?Me: Aap kaun?

R: Main tumhara chacha

M: Aaj tak toh kabhi nahi dikhe

R: Aaj tak tu fail bhi toh nahi hua tha


मारवाड़ी kid:- पापा मुझे 12th में 96% मार्क्स मिले

 बाप:- शाबाश बेटा ,अब किराने की जगह कपडे की दूकान खुलवा कर देंगे तुझे


Common scenario in Indian Home after Exam Results

*Son got 70%* 

*Mom scolding him*  

*Phone rings* 

*Relative: Mere bete ke 95% aye hai*  

*Mom cuts call* 

*Beats him with Chappal*  

General category

B1- Kitne aye?

B2- 88% , ab acha cllge nahi milega.

Reserved category

B1- Kitne aye?

B2- 40% ab toh acha cllge mil jayega


Can we have a new saying like 

‘Never ask a woman’s age, a man’s wage and a kid’s percentage’?

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