5 Best Meme on India vs West Indies T20 Match

Funniest Jokes on T20 World Cup 

Bravo vs Gayle vs Dhoni

Bravo : semi final jitne ka ek hi tarika he

Gayle: kya

Bravo: ham india ke ek bhi wicket nahi girayenge
Na hi wo bhadka hua aashiq KOHLI AYEGA aur nahi WO winning shot vala DHONI



Funny West Indies Strategy Agaist India

Reporter : Whats your strategy against India ?

Gayle : We won’t dismiss Rohit Sharma and Dhawan.



Match Ticket and kidney Jokes

Me: Bhai, kidney kitne mei loge?
Doctor: iPhone khareedna hai kya?
Me: Nahi, #IndvsWI ke tickets khareedne hai.


Mumbai Match Ticket Jokes

Have got 1 extra ticket of #IndvsWI #WT20 #semifinal match at #Wankhede #Mumbai Gavaskar Stand Level 1

Will sell only to a beautiful girl ????

Amul Ad on Virat Kohli


Hum Indiawale – Cricket



Raise your hand if you feel we will world champion again


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