Hillarious English Jokes – Woman and its 8 Boys

A woman had eight children, all of them boys.

One day a magazine sent a journalist to her house for an interview.

He asked her about the boys and what their names were.

She said, “Vijay.”

“Right he said, What about that blond one over there?”

“Vijay ” she said.

“Oh, and the tall one with the freckles?”

“Vijay” she said.

“Well, and the little chubby one with the baseball cap?”

“Vijay” she said.

“Are all your boys called Vijay?” he asked,

“Isn’t that terribly complicated?”

“Not at all, I say: Vijay it’s time for bed they all go to bed, it makes everything very easy, actually.
When I shout: Vijay, tea is ready, they all come.
When I say : Vijay it’s time for bed, they all go to bed.”

“I see. But what if you want only one of them?”

“No problem” she answers. “Then I call them by their surnames.”

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