9 Cutest things that Girls Do by One Lonely Boy

Cutest things that Girls Do

???????? :-

  1. They Look cute When they slide their Hair across the Forehead???? .
  2. When they See across the window in a moving vehicle after the Rain☁ just to feel the Fresh breeze???? or to play with rain drops???? .
  3. When they ask Sorry???? or Excuse from the people they luv???? .
  4. Whenever they Smile☺ just to escape from their mistake or Surprise???? or Shock or Sad , Whenever they Smile they are Awesome???? .
  5. When they Do that weird expressions???? while playing with Babies???? .
  6. Whenever they look at You???? with confused and love filled Eyes???? .
  7. When they are
    confused either to Laugh???? or Cry???? because they are So much Happy???? .
  8. That cute Expressions???? they Do when they eat Hot or Spicy food???? .

Its enough remaining is Secret . 😉

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