What kind of discrimination an Indian Muslim did face?

Some on on quora post an question “What kind of discrimination an Indian Muslim did face?” There are multiple answers were posted.

The best answer was given by Syed Naser. His name appear Muslim so we can assume that he is giving his honest opinion as being Muslim in an India.

I have faced discrimination a lot of times:

  • During Ramazan my friends discriminate between themselves and me and say “You go home, we will manage the work”
  • One Ramazan evening, a non-Muslim friend discriminated between his house and mine and said “We will finish the project work at your house, after all it’s Ramazan and I don’t want to miss the delicacies prepared at your home!!!”
  • Whenever I have a party with my alcohol consuming friends, if they are bringing the stuff, they discriminate against me and bring soft drinks for me.
  • Whenever we plan for an outing in which we would like to eat non-veg, I experience the discrimination my friends do with the restaurants and we go to only those restaurants where we are sure I will get halaal food.
  • During my job, every Friday I experience the discrimination between me and my non-Muslim friends and I am permitted to go for Friday prayers and they sit and work for that half an hour.
  • During hangouts, I am discriminated against and am expected to narrate some Urdu shayari, if the mood gets created for it.
  • I face discrimination whenever I go home. While coming back, I am expected to bring a lot of biryani, no one else faces this compulsion. It’s clear discrimination.
  • Everyday, when I used to offer my afternoon prayer beside my table at my workplace, my friends used to discriminate me and they used to leave the room, so that I don’t get disturbed for those five minutes with their lunchtime chatter.

After giving sarcastic answer he gave straight answer.

I hope I have answered the question.

Anyways to answer it straight I would say ” I don’t remember if I was discriminated against ever anywhere. I got the job without facing problem, I got the promotion purely based on my talent, I resigned without facing much issue. I could progress in my career without feeling that I missed this opportunity just because of my faith.”

A few Muslim friends of mine did tell me the slight issue they faced while getting a house for rent in a new city, and this,  I guess, is more to do with the repulsion of owners towards non-vegetarianism rather than repulsion towards Muslims. It’s part of their religion to avoid “maas-machli” (meat-fish) and may be they want to keep the house they own, free of meat. Just ignore such persons and move on. After all, you were not planning to marry that landlord’s daughter.

If you think you faced discrimination in India, I would rather call it, Baader Meinhoff phenomenon. Baader-Meinhoff is the phenomenon where one happens  to come across some obscure piece of information—often an unfamiliar word or name—and soon afterwards encounters the same subject again, often repeatedly.

May be you are getting conscious about your faith and that  is making you believe that you are being frisked more at the airport or have been stopped by the traffic cop because of your skull cap. Just ignore these feelings and move on. India has ample opportunities to prove yourself.

From civil services examinations to jobs in software industry, there are ample and transparent ways in which you can prove yourself. Focus on those rather than imagining that the lady sitting at metro was looking at you repeatedly because of your beard. Answer and address genuine concerns of your non-muslim friends which they usually ask out of curiosity rather than xenophobia. Keep a smile on your face, it is a curve that makes many things straight. Believe in your religion and its power to heal and spread goodness. You will have wonderful time !!!!
       Happy independence day by the way. Proud and happy to be Indian.  Jai Hind…..

Another quora user Azhar Khan share his experience with his Hindu friend.

I’m in 10th standard now, another kid of our school, Akhil, with his mother runs into me in the super market where they happen to see me by chance. They are very angry indeed. I was going on saying sorry, they weren’t in a position to listen. They kidnapped me, took me with them to their home and you know what his mum said “Itna bolne k bad b tu  diwali ko ghar nahi aaya, abi kha tere hisse ki mithai, poora khatam karna” Translation: “Even after inviting so many times, you didn’t show up for Diwali festival. You have got to finish all these sweets, now. ” See, how outrageous it is! Yes you guessed it right. They discriminated me and also tried ghar wapasi on me. Such hypocrites, tried to lure me with sweets and crackers.

At last Anonymous user made very beautiful point here.

There is a concept called “Confirmation Bias”. This is what is at play here.

To those who believe there is discrimination in a negative sense, they would always see the discrimination and would not see the bright side of things. Those who believe they are being treated fairly, they would overlook the discrimination and look at positive side.

We find both type of answers here.

In the world we live in, there is discrimination at many places. e.g.:

1. Sibling discrimination – parents treat one sibling better than the other.
2. Employee discrimination – some employees are given preference.
3. Neighbor discrimination – your neighbors might prefer others over you.
4. Passenger discrimination – in a flight, the air hostess might treat your co-passenger differently.
5. Customer discrimination – when you walk into a store, the support staff might overlook you for some other customer.

There are also discrimination like gender, color, caste and religion.

The fact is, discrimination exists in every sphere of life, everywhere. Sometimes we benefit from it, sometimes we lose.

The difference is how we look at it.

Source: Quora

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Jay Hind !


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