Boys vs Girls funny Whatsapp Chat

Hindi Whatsapp Chat


Girl : Hi…!!
Boy : Hi…!
Girl : What happened?
Boy : Nothing…!
Girl : No, tell me what happened? Why’re you so sad?
Boy : I will ask you something… You should say the truth… Will you?
Girl : Ok fine! Ask.
Boy : Who is Rohan? He liked all your profile pictures and even your status updates in Facebook. Who is that dumb idiot?
Girl : Plz… Don’t say anything about him.
Boy : Oh…! Wow…! you’re in love with him?
Girl : Why would I love him? As you’re for with me?!
Boy : Then brother kind of relationship?
Girl : No no… Not like that…!
Boy : Don’t irritate me then who is he?
Girl : Shall we talk something else?!
Boy : So you are hiding something from me…? You have that much close relationship with him…?? He is so much important to you?
Girl : If I disclose the secret, definitely you will scold me…!
Boy : Hey just tell me… Don’t test my tolerance…!
Girl : Plz…
Boy : If you don’t tell me, I will break our relationship right now…!
Girl : I will tell you… But then you shud not scold me okay?!
Boy : Ok…!
Girl : Hmmm…
That is my fake profile… If no one likes my profile picture, I like my pic through that ID and also post comments like cute, nice, hot, etc…!!!


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