Funny rising intolerance Jokes and Meme

Be cool friends !! There is no change in country .. Same people same weather same Diwali… What is change is our political people !!

What is solution of this problem? 

Simple dont watch News ???
So we thought let make fun on this intolerance !! So here is ..

Enjoy this intoleraance meme that make you laugh…


Dhoni will return World Cup?

MS Dhoni got World Cup under UPA government.

Returned it under NDA government due to the rising intolerance.

2) SRK view on Tolerance  !! 

3) Modiji tolerance ko niche late hue

4) Why Shahrukh khan talk on tolerance? Here is true reason!!

शाहरुख खान को गलत मत समझिये !!!

 लगभग हर फिल्म में बेचारे का नाम ” राहुल ” रखा गया है। 

अब नाम का कुछ तो असर आयेगा ना?!
5) Bharat Sarkar Award wapsi Department (Karyalaya)
 5) Bharat Sarkar Award wapsi Department (Karyalaya)   

Just for fun !!
All Image source: Twitter

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