The Best Priyanka Gandhi troll by Narendra Modi

See latest Smriti Irani , Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi  trolls and meme on IIT Amethi controversy . When things get out of control Narendra Modi takes charge and then what happen see in this really funny comics troll.

Priyanka: Smritu Irani & Modi Govt must answer why there is no IIT in Amethi.

Smriti Irani: Teri to… ##@@$$%%^^$

Priyanka Gandhi and Smriti Irani funny troll and meme over Amethi IIT

When things get worse NAMO takes charge.

Modi: Relax Smritiben, Leave this to me !

Priyankaben, sirf IIT ?? Think bigger!

Narendra Modi vs Priyanka Gandhi funny troll and meme over Amethi IIT

Priyanka: Hmmmmm

Modi Govt must answer why there is no Harvard University in Amethi !

Funny troll photo of Modi vs Priyanka gandhi

Modi: Think even bigger, Priyanka ben! Bigger than education! Bigger

Priyanka: Well then, Modi Govt must answer why there isn’t the White House in Amethi

Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul gandhi vs Modi and Smriti Irani jokes

Modi: Bigger, Priyankaben ! Bigger think of something rare ! Something unique.

Priyank: Rare ? Unique ??

Modi meme

Priyanka Gandhi: OK, got it ! Modi govt must answer why there isn’t a world wonder in Amethi.

Modi: But there is a world wonder in Amethi, Priyankben

Priyanka gandhi jokes and meme against narendra modi

Priyanka Gandhi: Really ???

Narendra Modi: Yes, of course!

It can be seen once in 5 Years it’s called Pappu!

Rahul gandhi as pappu comics pictures and jokes.

Rahul Gandhi (Pappu): I’m a wonder! Cooool!

Sonia Gandhi: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Rahul gandhi and sonia gandhi jokes against modi

Priyanka: >>>?????

Modi: hahahahahahhahah #SeeYouThere

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