IPL opening ceremony Latest Jokes

Don’t  be surprised if Hritik Roshan gets the best actor award at IPL ceremony #IPL2015

She: opening ceremony sucks! 
He : you still  remember baby!! 
She : BC, IPL ki baat kar rahe hu! 
He : 

“The #IPLOpeningCeremony used to be much better when UPA was in power” ~ R Shukla

Yograj Singh blames dhoni for Hrithik IPL Performance 

This year’s #IPLOpeningCeremony was more boring than Black, Saanwariya and Paa put together.

IPL 2015 opening ceremony meme
Narendra Modi's Reaction after IPL opening Ceremony.
Narendra Modi’s Reaction after IPL opening Ceremony. 

IPL Opening Ceremony

Aam Admi Party & its leaders have brought the level of entertainment so high that this #IPLOpeningCeremony looks so dull & performers boring

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