The story of Whatsapp user

So before I got to know about this god-send miracle called Whatsaspp, I was pretty active on my blackberry messenger. Changing my DP almost every other minute, and talking to almost all my peers on my BB group was an everyday thing for me.

Then my friend introduced to me the nuances of whatsapp, and this particular app ruined my life forever. Why? Well, to my friends, I am no longer a human being; I am a FREAK!

I am so addicted to whatsapp that I am compelled to check it at least a hundred times in a day. Whatsapp is the first thing I check when I open my eyes, it is the first thing I peep into, before going to sleep. Heck if I was one of those sleep walking lunatics, I know I would have checked my whatsapp then too!

That is how bad it has gotten my friends. I literally am a living example of the disease called whatsappititus. And yes, it is a disease. Here is how it ruined my life!

One status- one million questions
To be socially active on whatsapp, you have to pay heed to things like changing your status and display picture. But all hell breaks loose as soon as my status is updated. The bombardment of messages on my Feeling lonely status was a story that I will tell you another day. Phew!
Last seen problems
The amount of fights I have had with my boy friend because of the last seen status are inifite. When my boy friends says he is sleeping at 10:30 pm, I dont expect to see his last seen at 3 am! Sigh!
Stalking gets imbedded in you
I am not proud of this. NO I am now! But guys, the truth is, I am a whatsapp stalker. I look at all my contacts display photos and status messages at least 5 times in a day L
Irritating Whatsapp groups
So a friend from school sent me a group request a few days back and that is the single biggest mistake that I made in the recent past. On an average, my 8th class group members send at least a thousand messages. Damn!

Accidental exchange of bitchy messages
So I was busy bitching out a contact on my list. It was a very heated argument and my temper was at an all time high, but then I accidentally sent a very abusive message to the same bitchy girl I was dissing. You dont want to know what happens next.
Obsessing over your DP
Leaving your house means clicking a selfie good enough for your whataspp DP. I dont end up enjoying my day out with friends since I am always obsessing over that perfect DP.
Obsessing over your friends DP
How the hell could my friend look so freaking pretty in her DP? Is it air brush, photoshop or what? Well, I am sure my life would be better off without thinking about such petty issues.
No privacy: deleted chats can be recovered!
I got into a major fight with my boyfriend. Ill tell you why! Guys, deleted chats CAN be recovered on whatsapp. SO dont think you can bitch about your boy friends mother to your friend and conveniently delete the chat later on. Retrieving it back is a reality!

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