Latest Stuart Binny Jokes Worldcup 2015 squad

India 2015 world cup squad
Batsmen: 7
Bowlers: 5
All Rounders: 2
Stuart Binny s: 1
4 Biggest Achievements Of Stuart Binny’s Career:
1. Roger Binny’s Son
2. Achievement No.1
3. Achievement No.2
4. Achievement No.1, 2 & 3

Similarities between Stuart Binny & Abhishek Bachchan :
1 Both have hot wife’s. 
2 Both fathers are successful & powerful.
 Sehwag:Stomach is aching with laughter on Stuart Binny’s selection
Tendulkar:Don’t make me laugh, we’re on stage
Stuart Binny is a player, wife is a presenter, Dad is a selector. Truly, he deserves his place in the team as an all-rounder.
Stuart Binny’s #WCup2015 Selection is a Honeymoon Package Gift from his father sponsored by @Bcci

Father of Stuart Binny – Roger Binny 

Latest Stuart Binny Worldcup 2015 squad Jokes... Roger binny jokes

Latest Stuart Binny Worldcup 2015 squad Jokes

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