What if these celebrity makes DDLJ today ? Twitter’s funny reaction on DDLJ

DDLJ is celebrating it’s 1000 weeks this month. Now let’s see if today these people make DDLJ again what happen to Raj and Simran ? 

Twitter takes on this and come up with some of the Funny reaction on DDLJ

In Narendra Modi’s DDLJ,

In Narendra Modi's DDLJ Simran run fast, it's bullet train
Raj extends his hand towrds a running Simran, suddenly withdraws & does a Namaste, remains single & tours multiple country.

In Rahul Gandhi’s DDLJ

Raj would empower Simran to enable her file RTI to know why her Bau ji was unhappy with Raj.

In Arvind Kejriwal’s DDLJ

Simran wants to catch the train but takes U-TURN ?

In Nitish Kumar’s DDLJ

Raj withdraws support from Simran & Simran goes & marries someone else immediately

If Indian Railway’s made DDLJ

Simran would not need to run to catch the train. The train is 4 hrs late.

In Sunil Gavaskar DDLJ,

Amrish Puri tells Simran “Run faster, you have to convert the ones into twos and twos into threes”

In Alok Nath’s DDLJ, 

Simran running to hold Raj’s hand & shouting Raj step down let papa do the Kanyadaan.

In Aamir Khan’s DDLJ, 

the train halts. Because he stands naked on the tracks.

In Salman Khan’s DDLJ,

train ran over Simran because Salman Bhai was driving the train

In Ekta Kapoor’s DDLJ, 

Raj says the dialogue “palaat” and Simran turns around 3 times back to back.

In real life DDLJ, 

the Train is 4 hrs late, Raj is fighting with the Waiting room lady to let them in & Simran is buying paper soaps

In Twitter’s #DDLJ , 

Amrish Puri allows Simran to go with Raj only if Raj promises him a followback. 

And, Finally in  Rohit Shetty’s DDLJ

In Rohit shetty's DDLJ, Funny DDLJ

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