Top Funny Twitter reaction Vadra attack on Journalist

 Rajdeep Sardesai sends FB friend request to Robert Vadra #AreYouSerious

ANI Reporter: Why dont U #JoinBJP by giving miss call @ 18002662020?? 
Vadra: #AreYouSerious #AreYouNuts?? 
& then #VadraAttackedJournalist
Journalist:Do you know #RG4CongPresident is trending right now on Twitter?
Robert Vadra:#AreYouSerious #AreYouNuts 
 Waiting for @sardesairajdeep to tell Vadra, “U have money but no class”, “Did Sonia teach you to behave like this”. #VadraAttackedJournalist
Vadra to Reporter :- Are you nuts?
Renuka Chaudhary(Congress leader) to Arnab :- This incident is just peanut.. 

 There was a reason ki purani movies me sabhi chor-uchchakko ka naam Robert hota tha.
#VadraAttackedJournalist #AreYouSerious

 “Where is your husband Priyanka?” 
Vadra: Are you nuts? 
“No, i am screw driver!” 

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