Funny Indian vs American English Jokes

How American and Indian speak English Differently ? 

Indian : I passed out from IIT
American : I graduated from MIT
Indian : My uncle expired
American : My uncle passed away

Indian : I am shifting to Mumbai. I will live there only.
American : I am moving to New York

Indian : Do you have a stephny
American: Do you have a spare tire

Indian : Too much stuff in dicky
American : Too much junk in trunk

Indian : How to change a punctured tire ?
American : How to change a flat tire ?

Indian : Accelerate the car
American : Step on the gas

Indian : I am having loose motions
American : I am having diarrhea

Indian : zebra crossing
American : Crosswalk

Indian : Nice cooling glasses yaar
American : Cool sunglasses Bro..Wat upp..!!

Indian : Do you like curd
American : Do you like yogurt

Indian : I am going to canteen
American : I am going to cafeteria

Indian: I brought tiffin box
American : I bought my lunch box

Indian : I love to time pass
American : I love passing time

Indian : My mail id is xyz at the rate of yahoo dot co dot in
American: My email is xyz @ hotmail dot com

Indian: Mobile Phone
American : Cell Phone

Indian: Bill please
American: Check please

Indian : Skip classes
American : Bunk classes

Indian : Brinjal
American : Egg plant

Indian : geaser
American: water heater

Indian : Commode
American: Toilet

Indian: Aluminium with an i
American: Aluminum

Indian : Tata, See you
American : Bye

Indian : purse
American : Wallet

Indian : Trial room
American : Fitting room

Indian: Wind cheater
American : Wind breaker

Indian : Marks
American : Grades

Indian : House full
American: Full house

Indian :Bonnet
American : Hood

Indian: Petrol
American : Gas

Indian : Gear shift
American : Shift stick

Indian: Lorry
American : Truck

Indian: Fainted
American: Passed out

Indian: Intimate
American: Inform

Indian : Join duty
American: Report to work

Indian: Straight away
American : Right away

Indian : Wash up
American: Do the dishes

Indian : The line is engaged
American : I got a busy tone

Indian : Silencer
American : Muffler

Indian: Windscreen
American: Windshield

Indian: Air hostess (is hot) 🙂
American : Flight attendant

Indian: Footpath
American :Sidewalk

Indian: Flyover
American: Passover

Indian : Rajni Kanth
American: Chuck Norris

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