Impossible life situation which you wish to be true.

Me: Papa, I’m in love with a girl
Papa: Come let’s go to her home and talk about marriage

When you decide to read every page of the Terms&Conditions section while buying mutual funds :

Me (after engg) : I wanna be a writer. I dont wanna join an mnc.
Parents : Do whatever. hamesha apne dil ki suno #ImpossibleLifeSituations

Rohit Shetty movie without Mahindra Scorpio in it. #ImpossibleLifeSituations

Corruption free India #ImpossibleLifeSituations

Finishing entire eraser and not losing it.

During appraisal
Manager : You have done very well. You will be getting top rating !!! #ImpossibleLifeSituations

Beta, don’t study too hard. I earn enough money. Go, live your life.

Rahul Gandhi giving a speech like Narendra Modi #ImpossibleLifeSituations

#ImpossibleLifeSituations Our leaders participating in 

#SwachBharath without cameras or media around!! :))

Whats’s your Impossible life situation? Share this with your friends and yours with us !!

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