5 Indian food facts and myths…

Indian food facts and myths 
All Indian food is spicy not really…

It is depend what you are eating. Indian dished are hot and spicier compared to Western cooking, but Indian dishes more depends on regions wise where it may be sweet or bland of hot and sweet. 

If you want to try sweet or less hot, then taste some Gujarati dishes (Same state from Indian current Prime Minister Narendra Modi belongs to). Gujarati cuisine have sweet taste in almost all dishes. 
Generally South Indian cooking are little less spicier than rest of India. Most Punjabi dishes (i.e. Chicken Tikka Masala) are spicier compared to other part of India. Some of Kashmiri dishes also have sweet taste. 

So when someone tells you Indian cooking is spicy, don’t entirely believe them.

Indian food in USA, UK and Canada are very less spicy. 

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