10 Rules for Real Success

10 Rules for Real Success

#1. Give more than expected. Say
less than required.

#2. See problems as blessings. And
setbacks as opportunities to make

things 100X better.

#3. Innovate daily. Iterate
relentlessly. Good enough is

#4. Take care of the relationship
and the money takes care of itself.

#5. If you’re the most successful
person you know, get to know new

#6. To double your income and
impact, triple your investment in
your personal development and
professional education.

#7. Rise at 5 am. Spend that first
hour hour on fitness, gratitude and
reading. The way you start your day
drives how beautifully you live it.
#8. Fall in love with giving ridiculous
amounts of value to your
customers. They’ll become your
fanatical followers. And they
deserve your best.

#9. Cherish your family. In the end,
how well you treated them will be
so important.

#10. Do your private dreams. But
even more importantly, serve the
world. So when you leave it, your
footprints endure. We all deserve no
less from you.

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