Suzanne asks for 400 crores in alimony whatsapp and Twitter jokes !!!

Salman made kick.. Will earn 200 cr Suzanne gave divorce..will get 400 cr Salman-0 Suzanne-1

Mahesh Bhatt: Suzanne is asking for 400 Cr. Alimony. 
Alia: Wow papa I think thats my money ya. Mahesh: Alimony is not Alia+ Money

Meanwhile Kapil Sharma is starting to be all decent and nice towards his wife.

Suzanne asks for 400 crores in alimony. Narendra Modi would say, our Mars mission has cost less than their divorce.

Can understand Suzanne asking for #400Cr as Alimony. After all she did let Hrithik Roshan kiss Aishwarya Rai, Barbara Mori and Katrina Kaif.

Suzanne Khan went out for grocery shopping. Checked out tomato price. Came back & demanded Rs. 400 crores in alimony.

Even Shahjahan Didn’t spend 400 Crore on Taj Mahal.

Hritik: Koi bat nahi, papa Krrish 4 mein barabar ho jayegi.

Suzanne has demanded 400cr alimony from Hritik, make her brand ambassador of “How to become a billionaire by doing nothing”.

Just for fun !!! 

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