Twitter jokes of Kick 2014 !!! Hilarious jokes on Kick 2014 !!

Kick is a story of a poor man who learns to ride bicycle and defeats Modi’s bullet train.

Salman realizes at the very last min that he doesn’t even need a bike to beat the train (or mayb he was savin the bike’s life)

Instead of going for a salman khan movie donate your money to 3 beggars.

Salman Bhai leaves his Bike & Steals the Cycle just because of Petrol Price Hike !

Salman gave review about the movie in the trailer itself ‘Dil me aata hoon, samajh me nahi’.

The Film #Kick has nothing to do with Football !

Salman Khan wears mask on his face while riding a bicycle, just to escape from police if someone comes under bicycle.

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