Quote on Narendra Modi by Various NDA and BJP leader during Election !! #ModiWave !!!


Here are some super quote on Narendra Modi during Election by Various leader of NDA and BJP !!!

Rajnath Singh: “BJP has presented Modi as its prime ministerial candidate and in such a situation BJP wave or Modi wave cannot be viewed separately.” 

Arun Jaitley: “It’s a wave for our campaign, which is a Modi-led BJP campaign. There is absolutely no difference between a BJP wave or a Modi wave.” 

Amit Shah: “The Modi wave just became a tsunami. The Modi wave will wash away the Congress, SP and the BSP from Uttar Pradesh.” 
Venkaiah Naidu: “Modi wave has swept the country. This poll is for development and dynamic leadership of Modi.” “There is a clear-cut Narendra Modi wave across the country. BJP will win more than 300 Lok Sabha seats.” 

Shahnawaz Hussain: “There is Modi wave across the country. People across castes will vote for change at the Centre.” Raman Singh: “This time on account of Modi’s wave and performance of my government in past 10 years, we will create a new record by winning all the 11 seats.” 

Uddhav Thackeray: “Modi is a strong leader and he has created a storm. There is a strong wave in favour of Modi not only there in Maharashtra, but in the entire country and Shiv Sena is strongly behind him.”  

Navjot Singh Sidhu: “Modi wave is out to make a difference. The voice of the people is the voice of God. We’ll soon hear it.” Nirmala Sitharaman: “Modi wave is a historical one of the kind seen at important milestones in the history of the country.” Anurag Thakur: “Narendra Modi wave is ‘stronger’ than Atal Bihari Vajpayee wave.”

Murli Manohar Joshi: “There was no Modi wave but only a BJP wave. Modi is a representative of the BJP as its prime ministerial candidate. He gets support from the party and its leaders across the country.” 

Uma Bharti: “Like rivers, many ‘BJP factors’ are getting together to make Modi wave.” Dr Harshvardhan: “The Modi wave is the answer. People see a better future for themselves in Narendra Modi.”

Smriti Irani: “There is Modi wave everywhere in the country as the people, who are frustrated by inflation and corruption, want to bring a change.” 

Shatrughan Sinha: “I can see a strong Modi wave in Bihar and other parts of the country. Going by the current trend, we can undoubtedly say that our mission 272 will be accomplished easily. Rather BJP will go beyond that and touch 300 seats on its own.” 

Vinod Khanna: “Narendra Modi wave is sweeping the country and India will soon witness a renaissance.” 

Ananth Kumar: “There is a Modi wave in the country. There are three states which will change the fortunes of BJP – UP, Bihar and Karnataka. BJP has the chance to win 80 plus seats in these states. It will form the government at the Centre with a clear majority.” 
Jaswant Singh: “There is no Modi wave here. In Barmer, there is only a heat wave.” 

Kalyan Singh: ” The Modi wave is for everyone to see and the NDA will form the next government at the Centre under his leadership.” 

Baba Ramdev: “There is a strong wave in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi across the country and the party would win more than 300 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. “

Abki Baar Modi Sarkar !!! Election 2014 quote !!! Quote of Election on Narendra Modi !!
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