A boss saying 2 his secretary !!

A boss saying 2 his secretary that we
are going abroad for a tour for a week.
Secretary calls her husband:
I’m going abroad for one week.
Husband calls her girlfriend:
Wife is going away for a week,
lets enjoy :):)
Girlfriend calls her student:
for a week no class for u.
Little boy calls his grandpa:
I’m free for this week.
Grandpa(Boss) calls his secretary:
Tour cancelled.i’m with my
grandson this week:)
Secretary calls her husband:
Tour cancelled…..
Husband calls girlfriend:
Wife is not going.so we too can’t go:(
Girlfriend calls boy:
This week you have class as usual…
Boy calls grandpa:
Sorry grandpa gotta attend my
Grandpa calls secretary:
we are going abroad…!!
and it goes on,, 

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