India Vs Australia Match Jokes

Best Meme and Jokes on Ind vs Aus series

Another big contribution of Pandya has been to give other Gujju boys named ‘Hardik’ – a reason to not be embarrassed about it.! #INDvsAUS

What an over

Pandey: 4, 4, 1

Pandya: 4, 4, 1

Hardik Pandya has proved that he is the 2nd most important Gujarati for us right nw.

1st one, as we all know is…






Falguni Pathak😁

Pandya playing Dandiya with Aussies #INDVsAUS

Kohli Fans right now !! 😝

Jaha Dekho Sharma hi Sharma hai 😂😂

Rohit Sharma sending his own satellite to Mars. Bigger than NASA.

Thanks for praising us. Rohit Sharma, Rahane, Pandya, Kohli are Congress’s invention. – Rahul Gandhi

नवरात्रि में डांडिया

मैच में पंड्या

मस्त चल रहा है



Gujarati during Navratri

Friend: weakness ho rahi hai


Friend: Fasting for navratras

Me: Kuchh nahi khaya?

Friend: nahi Sirf chips,pakode,aloo chaat & namkeen


Condo* sales will jump 2000% during

Navratri and it’s just a coincidence 😎

Gujju’s~ What type of tattoo should I get?

Tattoo artist~ Something you feel strong connection with

Gujju’s~ “Dandiya” bana do


Navratri is basically 9 prom nights for the Gujarati youth.

Going For Garba During Navratri Is Basically Gujarati Tinder 😛😂😛


Bullet Train Jokes

As Amitabh Bachhan is Brand Ambassador of Gujarat he was with Narendra modi 👴to welcome 🙏🏻Japanese PM🤵 on Ahmedabad Airport.. 🛩

Modi is introducing of Big B to Mr. Shinjo and asked do you know him???

Mr. Shinjo: Yes I know him, he is Hira thakur 👳🏼of suryavansham


Bullet Train launch se Ahmedabad mei khushi ki leher…

New Future Weekend Schedule By Amdavadi’s..

Finish office at 5

Bullet Train to Mumbai 5.30

Reach Mumbai 7.30

Drink 🥃🍺🥃 till 9

Bullet Train to Ahmedabad 9.30

Reach Home 11.30🤣🤣

*Bullet Train – गुजरात के लिए वरदान* 😀😀

*केम छो – मजा मा*

Once the bullet train starts half of Gujarat will be in Mumbai during Happy Hours for drinks and get back home for dinner 😄

*आव जो*

8 Funniest KBC meme and Jokes


AB:Aapki beti hotseat pe baithi hai 50 lakh jeet gyi hai kuch kehna chahengi?

Mom-achha to ye waha phuch gyi bina btaye,ghar aane do😣

*Using Phone a Friend lifeline on KBC*

He: *Asks the question twice* What’s the answer? A,B,C or D?

She: Hmmm. Kk.


AB- Chaliye ab hum aur aap milker khelenge Fastest Finger First

Sunny Leone- 😍😍

*In KBC*

Amitabh- Who’s ur fav. actor?

Contestant- Abhishek Bachchan.

Amitabh- Don’t think ki main answers bta dunga, ab sach sach btao ?

two kinds of friends in this world

1. harami

2. KBC phone a friend me bade confidence ke sath galat answer bata ke harane wale.


AB- Namashkar mai amitabh bachhan bol rha hu kbc se apki mitra ko…

He- She has a boyfriend, tell her to call him

*hangs up*

Rahul Gandhi Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meme

#RahulGandhi & Artificial Intelligence !

Oh God 😂 ..,made my morning 💯👌🏻. A debate between Elon Musk & Rahul Gandhi. Hope.

Just imagine ✨👀

Elon Musk – Mark Zuckerberg have limited knowledge on AI

Rahul Gandhi – 🙄 I have more knowledge than Mark.

Elon Musk: Artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity

*Rahul Gandhi speaks on AI*

Elon: I was wrong…😑

Rahul Gandhi 2 visit US 2 talk abt Artificial Intelligence (AI). 1st sentence f his speech wud be: AI are 1st n 3rd vowels in Eng Alphabets😂

Does Rahul Gandhi know AI means Artificial Intelligence not Air India !!!🤔😜