Fifa World Cup Meme : England Team

England vs Tunisia meme

England most famous player


Portugal: Ronaldo

Argentina: Messi

Brazil: Neymar

Belgium: De Bruyne

England: Young 😂


Tunisia defending be like

England fan be like they are going to win world cup

Liverpool or England ?

8 Funniest meme on Germany vs Mexico match

Fifa World cup meme – Germany vs Mexico

Over confident of German newspaper

German newspaper today:

“Sorry Mexico, today we build the wall”


México beat Germany in the #WorldCup⁠

After Germany lose match, Donald build the wall

Love comes first – German Mexican fan

Mexico win so stunning, It brought earthquake in Mexico


8 Funniest Priyanka Nick meme

One viral photo of Nick and Priyanka generated thousand of meme

nick jonas: yooo what was that mango frappuccino drink we had last night it was so good

priyanka chopra: …you mean mango lassi


priyanka: LASSI.

nick: lassy?

priyanka LASSI.

nick: lassy??

priyanka: ok we’re done.

Nick’s Hindi

Priyanka: who’s the hottest girl in the world?

Nick: My Daisy girl

Priyanka: desi..

Nick: Daysi

Priyanka: We’re done.

Its height difference

Me: Nick Jonas Priyanka se chota hai.

Feminists: Where were you when Milind Soman married Anita Konwar?🤬

Me: I was talking about height! 🤔

Desi Nick’s be like

Nick: Priyanka I’ve been practicing Hindi for you

Priyanka: omg say something!!

Nick: aap bht kutti, kamini, suaar ki aulad ho baby


How to Pronounce Priyanka – by Nick (more…)

7 witty tweet of so called gangster Ravi Pujari

Death threat from Ravi Pujari is like an apple iPhone.

Almost everybody has one, or wants one.


Still some others couldn’t care less.

Ravi Pujari called me from Australia said something !

I don’t know what, #Jio network at 110096. Then he messaged me on WhatsApp and it’s still loading 😜

#RelianceJio Sh*t 4g speeds saved me from threats 😂

*Received a call from Ravi*

Pujari.. He said, Ur life is in danger & BJP is involved!!

Me: OMG, How, when, shitt?

Ravi: Bullet train means Bullets will b fired from that train & it will hit u

Me: Pappu is it you?

Ravi: oh shitt!

Received a threat 👿call from

Ravi Pujari 😎 just now


चुपचाप टिन्डे खा ले 😰

I want security 👮

Ravi pujari calls

She :- I have a boyfriend

*Phone Rings*

Me: Hello, who’s this?

He: This is Ravi pujari here

Me: (Got scared) Bhaiya kya hua? 😥😥

He: Sir I am Airtel executive, kya aap apna Vodafone number Airtel mein port Karana chahenge? (more…)

6 Environment Day meme make you laugh

Meme that make you laugh on Environment Day

Dilemma of Human

Biggest dilemma for an environmentalist in Washroom:

‘Should I save water or save paper?’


Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay

mummy style environment day

Me: Maa aaj World Environment Day hai😀

Mom: Apne kamre ki safai to krr fir sochna environment ki😑



Amul’s way of Ownvironment

Source: Amul Twitter


Veere Di Wedding Joke

You can use खीरा or गाजर or even बीट too, just don’t use मूली…











Most of the people don’t like it in their salad.

Just watched #VeereDiWedding — average movie at best but good perfomances by Swara Bhasker, Amul, Bikaji, HSBC, Uber, Videocon, Air India & Bharat Matrimony.

PathBreaking Meme

अपना हाथ जगन्नाथ। 😉


Real Pathbreaking vs Feminist

गब्बर: कितने आदमी थे सांभा?

सांभा: एक भी नहीं सरदार…

गब्बर: फिर ?

सांभा: फिर क्या सरदार, स्वरा…अकेली ख़ुदही कर रही थी 🤯😂

Petrol Price Jokes

[Petrol Pump]

Customer : aaj kya rate hai?

Sales Man : 80/litre

C : last month kitna?

S : 75/litre

C : to purane stock me se 2 litre dal do

श्रीलंका मे पेट्रोल *47 रुपए* लीटर है!

अब इसमें सिर्फ हँसी की बात ये है कि ,

श्रीलंका भारत से पेट्रोल खरीदता है!